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The times when fooling customers or clients with false advertising in order to manipulate them into purchasing products or services are slowly but surely disappearing. At least in the developed world, as markets become more social, companies dedicated to improving business value become more person-focused, dedicating time and money to listen and exceed expectations. Some of the most important factors to look out for as we begin 2015 are the following six:
978 days ago
Since January 2015, in México it has become a requisite to obey all the guidelines stipulated in terms of accounting. In consequence, the Servicio de Administración Tributaria (Tax Administration Service, in English) hosted the Expo Feria Contabilidad Electrónica, an event where major players in the tech and business intelligence industry have presented their products.
984 days ago
Experts believe that 2015 will be a key year for business innovation, a year in which tech innovation as a competitive advantage will reign in the gap between those who succeed and those who fail.
991 days ago
Yei! is a Mexican startup that can ‘Make your wishes come true’.As one of the promising startups in Mexico, Yei! has been chosen and took part in the prestigious Alpha Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland where they had the chance of networking with top professionals in the technology industry.
998 days ago
With great joy we are celebrating today our 1-year anniversary. It has been an amazing year in the company of amazing people. We want to thank our Collaborators, Clients and Partners for taking part in this joyride.
1006 days ago
Last week we went through the first two tech-trends to look out for on 2015 regarding business development which were more mobile focused. This next part will go through the final three trends: ‘Hybrid Clouds and IT Complexity’, ‘Big Data, Big Problems’ and finally ‘Goodbye Service Desks’.
1013 days ago
As we allow a great year like 2014 drift away, we can only look forward and be prepared for what is to come next in the business world. Each one of the past years have been marked with specific innovations that have helped develop and evolve the term ‘Business-Tech’. 2015 will be no different, being in the digital world one can realise the importance the following five trends that will most likely drive savvy businesses forward and hopefully separate them from the crowd.
1020 days ago
The beautiful community that formed around LOVIS Company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ since the end of October stands proof at the value that the organisation has to offer. LOVIS has constantly shared ideas, which translate into Business Value, Next Practices, Change Induction, Wellbeing and The Time You Need To Do What Really Matters.
1034 days ago
LOVIS was recently part of the Expo Feria Contabilidad Electrónica 2014, one of the most important events related to tax and e-Accounting in Mexico. This took place just a few days ago on the 9th of December at Mexico City’s World Trade Center where business organisations, tax/accounting professionals, as well as technological savvy experts were present, which included LOVIS as a key player.
1040 days ago
Change Induction is an innovative concept developed in order to maintain an integrated, professional team, which can deliver the results desired and promised to the clients: Value and Exceeded Expectation.
1048 days ago
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